From today you can now buy your very own ZACity domain - .joburg (dot Joburg), .capetown (dot Cape Town),or .durban (dot Durban) - for only R500.00 per year

This is an opportunity for your brand to truly identify itself with the top South African cities. If your business is locally based in any of these top three cities, then consider registering a domain that perfectly points this out to all, or register a domain that perfectly describes your business and point it to your existing website. These are so versatile that the only limitations is your imagination.

Instead of the more commonly used, .com, etc., you can now register one of the new gTLD’s such as .joburg (dot Joburg), .capetown (dot Cape Town),or .durban (dot Durban). A geo specific gTLD is a great way to register your domain name and keep it location-specific at the same time.

A great example of these domains is: If you are a plumber, why not try Perhaps you offer tours in Cape Town, then you could use

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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